You can download Magic Workstation (about 9Mb). Run the executable and install the program on your PC. If you plan to use MWS to play Magic too, you have to download and install the Magic Gamepack (but we won't go into details for installing the Magic Pack in this guide).

Download the NetRunner Patch. Unzip it within MWS installation folder, and answer yes when it asks about overwriting folders. Make sure you unzipped the files in the correct place: you should have some .mwSet files in the "Custom Sets" subfolder. Now run MagicWorkstation.exe, select from the menu Tools->Preferences->Interface, and change the Graphic Theme from "Default" to "NetRunner". Sometimes, this makes the program crash; if it's your case, read here how to easily solve the problem. Now close the program to make your theme change permanent (until you want to change it back, of course!).

MWS loads by default in "Library Mode", but there is also a "Deck Edit Mode" which is a bit more simple to use. You can swap them from the View Menu, and see which one you prefer; the Library Mode is a bit more complex, but shows for each card more columns with additional information, letting you clicking on them to sort them out. For this tutorial, we'll change to Deck Edit Mode. Now select from the menu File->Open Libraries and browse for the NetRunner.mwbase file. You need to do this only once, since the program will remember the last cardlist used.

Now from the menu select File->New Deck and a blank deck will be loaded. You can select cards from the main list and copy them to your deck with the arrows (Green one to put it, Red to remove it, and Blue to put it in the sideboard). Remember to add to your sideboard all the trace cards, and also the three R&D, HQ and Archives cards if you're building a Corporation deck. To make deckbuilding easier, you can use the inner search engine to look for particular words in both the card text and name, or filter for a certain card type, ordering by play cost, etc. You will also see all the errata of each card in a window on the botton of the screen. When you've finished, just remember to save your deck.

Don't forget that MWS has a very powerful search engine, which will make your deckbuilding easier: just click on the lens icon to filter your cards for a certain string contained either in the text, the card name, or the card type. For example, you can first filter all cards with "Ice" in their type, then make another filter for all cards with "tag, damage" in their text to find all Ice that refers to tagging and doing damage. Than click on the blue icon at the left of the lens to remove just the last filter, or on the red one to remove all of them at once.

Q:When I try to change the theme, MWS crashes.
A:With the NetRunner pack come two .reg files: NetRunner.reg and Default.reg. With MWS closed, run NetRunner.reg to change the theme automatically; to switch back to the default theme, run the other .reg file.

Q:I can't see card images in the library module, and when I load a deck in the game module, I get the error "Load deck error: Cards not in base".
A:This is caused by a wrong installation of the NetRunner patch. You've probably put the mwSet files out of the Custom Sets subfolder. Be sure to move them to that directory, and all should work well.

Q:I use MWS to play Magic too. Is there a quick way to switch from one to the other?
A:Apart from opening the correct card list in the library when you want to build a deck, the only thing you really need to change each time is the theme. If you don't want to go to the library each time and change it in the options (or if you are a victim of the theme-change bug described above) the quickest shortcut is using the two .reg files which come with the NetRunner pack: with MWS closed, double click on NetRunner.reg to set the NetRunner theme, or Default.reg to change to the Magic default theme. If you use another Magic theme, you can just edit Default.reg with notepad and change the word "default" with the name of your favourite Magic theme.

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