Netrunner is a two-player Deckmaster® card game set in the world of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk® roleplaying game. There are two roles in Netrunner: the Runner, who is a high-tech data thief; and the Corporation. Using a computer that feeds output from a telecommunication link directly into his or her brain, the Runner navigates the virtual-reality environment of a global computer network known as the Net. Established to facilitate legal commerce, the Net also presents opportunities for the savvy Runner to raid stores of Corporate data.

The Corporation has access to research and development facilities, an executive headquarters, and netspace data forts. The goal of the Corp is to score "agendas" despite the Runner's attempts at theft and vandalism.

The Runner, despite the general lack of financial resources and the paranoid tone of his or her existence, has reliable access to street contacts, legal and illegal hardware and software, and assistance from other runners in the Net. The goal of the runner is to liberate agendas from the Corp and expose its operations.

One of the most original aspects of NetRunner is that each player has to choose from a totally different card pool to make each deck: the Runner deck, and the Corporation deck. The two opponents will then play with decks having totally different stategies (something very unique to this game) . Someone could wonder about one side being stronger than the other, but since game is decided after each player has done both sides, this is not an issue.

The game itself can advantage a lot those players who are able to bluff their opponents, luring them into deadly traps, or keeping them at bay with just false dangers, thus winning easily behind a void menace.



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