-MWS 0.94f (9Mb), latest Magic Workstation version.

-NetRunner Pack for MWS (41Mb). Together with all the official sets, this pack contains other four sets made by famous players years ago; if you feel some of the cards to be unbalanced, discuss them in the forum. This file is hosted on ZUpload, so if for any reason you have problems downloading from their servers, post you problem in the forum, and we'll provide you with another link.

-NetRunner's Original Cards List. The above NetRunner pack comes with 4 virtual expansions made by fans. If you want to build your deck browsing only the 'real' cards, download and use this additional master base (you will need to download the full NetRunner Pack anyway).

-NetSeal v1.1 (394Kb). This is the program you need to generate NetRunner sealed decks. You can read about it here.

-DCI Reporter 1.70c (1Mb). Use it to swiss pair tournaments you may wish to run. Instructions to use it are in the readme file. If the program fails to load, and asks for some .dll or .ocx, try installing version 2.98c (4Mb) first; but keep using 1.70c, since 2.98c does not support NetRunner anymore.

-DCI Reporter 2.30c (1Mb). Differently from the above 1.70c, this version does not award players 6 points for a bye, but an average amount of points based on the overall results.

-NetRunner Rule Book (231Kb). This is a zipped version of the wonderful Interactive Rulebook hosted on the Short Circuit (see links page).

-NetRunner MWS 0.95 Demo (6Mb). This demo of MWS 0.95 can't be used to play online, but it shows the incredible improvements it has compared to the current version. The play module just allows a solitary, and the library has basic functionalities only, but the way it can support NetRunner is really worth seeing! To know more about MWS 0.95, join our discussion forum.